surge arresters & insulators

Balestro, Brazilian manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience, collaborates with Multinacional Trade for the distribution of its products for the Spanish market.
Balestro is known for an ongoing evolution, transformation and growing what has enabled to reach a leadership position in the markets where it is settled.
In order to assure the highest levels of quality standards of its products, Balestro holds with laboratories of materials, High Voltage and reception.
Besides, Balestro is the only manufacturer of varistors in the South hemisphere since 25 years.
Balestro range of products:
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  • Polymeric Surge Arresters for distribution.
  • Polymeric Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters, IEC class 2, for Substation.
  • Polymeric Station Class Surge Arresters, IEC class 2 for Transmission Linte ( TLA).

Discharge counter

  • Polymeric Post Type Insulators
  • Dead-end or Suspension Polymeric insulators
  • Dead-end or Suspension Polymeric insulators with Aluminium Fittings
  • Polymeric High Voltage Insulators

CUT OUT, Polymeric fuse C-base for distribution
Zinc Oxide block Varistors class 1 (5 and 10kA) , class 2 and 3 (10kA)

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